Asana Power-Up Help Hub

Last thing: {{customer_first_name}}, you can add additional team members for 98% off.

By adding access for the rest of your team, they'll have immediate access to the Asana Power-Up Help Hub within their own accounts, massively improving adoption and reducing support needs.

Every team member with a license will have access to every course, video, and help resource in the Asana Power-Up Help Hub.​

We will always build our training around actual questions from actual users. So, for the questions that have your team just stuck, they can request a new training video on ANY topic or use case.

If teams have a common understand of work management, and work accordingly, their productivity will see massive increases. By having access to the same help resources, everyone has a shared understanding of how to use Asana.​

Avoid the pitfall of a surge of excitement surrounding Asana, followed by degrading proficiency, inconsistent habits, and no process innovation. Asana Power-Up will help your team leads and Asana SMEs to help the team advance and improve on an ongoing basis.

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