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I'm Bryan, Asana Solutions Partner and
the creator of Asana Power-Up
We've been guiding teams through full-service implementations for four years...
Our impact: 1,400 users trained. 2,000+ projects built. 40,000+ tasks completed.

I spent the first 10 years of my career in software and tech, in sales and marketing roles. While planning onsite trainings and presentations, creating and delivering public and private events, and coordinating marketing and sales efforts, I felt first-hand the importance of establishing strong project management methodology and having the right tools and systems in place to support the team’s processes and workflows.


I also experienced first-hand the painful and costly setbacks when the methods and tools are not implemented intentionally and consistently across members of a team and in cross-departmental work. I found so much fulfillment and passion in designing and improving processes during that time, I decided to make it my career. I wanted to focus on project management tools and methodology full time.


I took a year off to read, learn about, and experiment with the methods from the some of the most successful thought leaders in the industry (David Allen, Tim Ferris, Nir Eyal, James Clear, Stephen Covey). I got certified as an Asana Trainer and Consultant (Asana Certified Pro), gave up an 8-year addiction to Trello, and went all in on managing my entire personal and work life in Asana.


It’s been phenomenal working full-time in consulting onsite and online, helping companies to implement or re-implement Asana and better project management methods. I’ve now tested and proven this implementation program with companies in events management, real estate, law, higher education, health and wellness, management consulting, consumer products, and software as a service.


I run seven online webinar trainings a month and one public workshop every 4-8 weeks.


The fact that you’re here is an important (and exciting) first step toward a whole new level of productivity! Now, keep the momentum and… SIGN UP for the free BASIC access or the grab the lifetime PRO access. 🙂

Bryan Bennett
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getting the *right* things done:
"We reached out to Asana to see if we could pay them to help us, and they referred us to Bryan."

We couldn’t be more pleased with Bryan and Asana Kickstart. He took the time to understand our company structure, and what we did, and what our pain points were. He was so incredibly helpful and a critical component of our implementation of Asana. I highly recommend his service.


Elizabeth M.

Founder/CEO | TRG Realty Los Angeles, CA

Every team sets big goals. But, clear, unified work management helps teams get the *right* things done.
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